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Welcome to our photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from our album that we hope you enjoy.
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Leia rescue dog now living in Bunbury
Warramunga Fuddpucka, First Racing GSP sled dog in WA
Chelsea & Eleanor Agility
Wauchope Jackpot ET AARD
R&J Johnson
2009 Agility Trophy winner
AARD title
Chelsea & Indi
(RRD) title
(Dana) Wauchope Jaswinder RRD
Martyn Dickson
Grd Champion Title
Grand Ch Durers Oswolt Krell
G & S Koutsantonis
2010 Top Show Dog Trophy
Sleding Axel
Ch Guncreek Heracles ET
GSPC 2009 Open Field Trial winner
Ch Wauchope Indiana Jones ET ADX JDX AARD (NFD)

GSPC open Fld trial.
group photo 2009
Jackson retrieving a rabbit
Wauchope Jackpot AARD ET ((Chelsea)
RH & JA Johnson
GSP Walk
GSP Walk Garvey Park
(from left Axel & Mallee)
Guncreek Heracles (ET) title (Axel)
Funday 2009
Funday 2009
Funday 2009
Sausage eaters
2009 Funday left Luka, Judy & Mickie. Vale: For Mickie just short of 15 years on 9/5/10. Sincere Condolence.
L-Plate (Wally) Katydid Troublesome. Paul Clifton
(Wally) L-Plate
Novice:- (Jackson) Itsabreeze Royal Oak - Dave Boswell
3rd Open Fld trial 2011
2010 Restricted winner
Judge E Johnson
Wauchope Jaswinder RRD
M Dickson
2010 June Novice Field trial
(T Ch)Alverpoint Mistress Luka CD (Tracking Champion)(JDX)(ADX)(GD)Handle by Justine. Congratulations to Judy Tsakalos
2010 Show Champion Title
Guncreek Heracles ET (Axel)
M Matthews/L Golding
2010 GSP walk & Funday
group photo
2010 Walk Funday Best dress
Robin Hood or Peter Pan (Jack)
2010 2nd Best dress Fairy
Tinkerbell (Heidi)
2010 walk funday
2010 walk funday
Vale:- Heidi
07/11/01 -05/11/10
Sincere Condolence to Joy, Brian & Jack.
2010 Funday group photo
2010 GSPC Novice
winner:- E Johnson Brittany
Ch Wauchope Kicking Bird ET
(NRD) title
2010 GSPC Restricted
Ch Fionavar Red Hot Gambler (NSDTR)& NRD title :- Z Slight
2nd Brittany
Ch Wauchope Kicking Bird ET
Jack sledding with Michelle
Ch Fourjays Cracker Jack CCD ET TDX
Joy Hunter
2010 "Hall Of Fame"
Retrieving & Field trials
Triple Ch Wauchope Farwalked Woman :-
R & J Johnson
Wauchope Jaswinder RRD (Dana)
Martyn Dickson
Wauchope Jaswinder RRD
2011(Fld QC)
M Dickson
Jack & Heidi
Joy Hunter
T Ch Heiderst Just So Classy ET (Heidi)
Joy Hunter
Tara (Decease)
Bev & Laurie Book
Kobidan Caught On Canvas
Sue Rose (Geraldton)
Warramunga Fuddpucka JD(Mallee)
Michelle Matthews
Ruby 11yrs last rescue GSP bitch.
now owned by Joy & Brian Hunter
Wauchope Living A Dream
Martyn Dickson
Savanar 1993 - 2008
Laurie & Bev Book
16/4/11 Pre Novice GSP 3rd & Novice 2nd Wauchope Field Ov Dreams Eleanor Johnson
16/4/11 Practice Novice
GSP 3rd Wauchope Tit Tat Tooie
Ray Johnson
16/4/11 Practice Pre Nov
GSP Kobidan Falko
T Ingram
Ch Wauchope Kicking Bird
ET(NRD)Title (Zac)
Vale 9/3/04 - 1/8/11
Condolence to Eleanor Johnson
2011 Wauchope Tit Tat Tooie
QND title (Retrieving)
RH & JA & EL Johnson
2011 Bergen Celena CDX (Ruby) 12yrs old.
Tracking (TD) title
Joy Hunter
2011 GSPC Open UFT
left:Judge Tony Mercieca
3rd Dave Boswell (Jackson)
1st R Johnson Wauchope Jackpot ET AARD
2nd Maurice Casadio (Toby)
2011 GSPC Open UFT

Itsabreeze Royal Oak QC
Dave Boswell
Condolence to Dave passing of Ruby 15ys 2012 Brulana Three Times A Lady.
Wauchope Field Ov Dreams
(NRD) title 2012
2011 Novice/Restricted & Open Ret Trophy winner.
E Johnson
2011 left Bergen Celena CDX (Ruby) Right:- Warramunga Fuddpucka JD (Mallee)

Left Ruby 12yrs & Mallee 13yrs 8months
Vale:- Warramunga Fuddpucka JD
(Mallee) 13yrs 8 months
8/10/97 - 24/6/11
Sincere Condolence to Michelle Matthews & Madison Golding
2011 Wauchope Jackpot ET AARD
(NFD)(FT Champion)Title
2012 Dam of the Year
RH & JA Johnson
T Ch Alverpoint Mistress Luka CDX Titles HTM.S(AD) (JD) 2012 Open obed / Agility/Jumping Trophy Winner
J Tsakalos
16/7/11 Open Fld Trial
left:2nd Maurice, 1st Ray
Judge Chris Thompson,
3rd Martyn
23/7/11 GDC Open Fld Trial
Left:Judge: Tony Mercieca Maurice 2nd, 1st Ray Johnson.
2011 Fld Trail
Group Photo
2011 GSPC Novice
1st E Johnson Wauchope Field Ov Dreams QND
Judge K Webster.
2011 GSPC Restricted
3rd Wauchope Field Ov Dreams judge K Webster
2011 GSPC All Age
Judge Allan Bartram
2011 Funday Garvey Park
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
Ruby Best Dress as Nurse Betty
2011 Funday
Left:-Lucas, Ruby & Jack
2011 Funday
Kobidan gang
owned by Liz & Travis Ingram
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
fastest Eater
2011 Funday
Fastest eaters
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
2011 latest Life Member
Laurie Book
2011 Funday
2011 Funday
Three generation (Wauchope)
Yaka, Chelsea & Tooie
Funday Bev Book
& Bernadette
2011 Dam of the Year
Wauchope Hard Yaka NFD ET
almost 13yrs old
Vale 31/1/99 - 21/12/11
FT Ch Wauchope Jackpot AARD ET. 2011- Dual Purpose & Open Field Trophy
Dual Ch Fourjays cracker Jack ET J Hunter
2011 Tracking Trophy winner &
& Best Dress
2012 Rescue GSP X male 8yrs to 10yrs old. Good house dog Bruno
26/5/12 Novice Fld trial
Judge E Johnson
1st Tobenlee Zachary Ballou
M Casadio
2012 Novice Field trial
2012 Novice Field trial
2012 Novice Field trial
Judge Chris Thompson
Toben Zachary Ballou M Cadadio 1st & NFD title
2012 Novice field trial
2012 Field trial
2012 Wauchope Field Ov Dreams NRD Eleanor Johnson
Restricted win- 2012 Resticted & Open Ret Trophy winner
2012 GSPC Open Field Trial
Wauchope Tit Tat Tooie QND Ray Johnson 1st & NFD title
1/7/12 GDC Restricted 1st Wauchope Field Ov Dreams NRD E Johnson
RRD title
1/7/12 GDC Novice 2nd Wauchope Tit Tat Tooie QND R Johnson
2012 Field trial
Isabell Dave Jackson
2012 Field trial group photo
2012 Field Trial Isabell & Ray
2012 Open Fld trial
Judge A Mercieca
1st Wauchope Tit Tat Tooie NFD
FT CH Title
2nd Isabreeze Royal Oak Dave Boswell
2012 Open Fld group photo
2012 WA State Championship
RT Ch Yorifeld Tornado (Vic)
owner P Winkfield handler
G Tawton
2012 RATG trial
Liz Ingram & Gus
2012 GSPC Nov & Restricted winners
2012 GSPC All Age winner
Judge Graeme Parkinson NSW
2012 Shorthaired Picnic
Best fancy dress GSP (Duck)
2012 shorthaired picnic
fancy dress GSP
2012 FT Ch Wauchope Tit Tat Tooie QND. R & J Johnson
Nov Ret / Nov & Open Fld trial trophy winner



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