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SIZE:            Males       62-66cm in height.
                      Females    58-63cm in height.
LIFESPAN: Up to 10-15 years.
COLOURS: Brown, Brown/White, Black, Black/White.
BACKGROUND:      The German Shorthaired Pointer was originally bred as a hunting dog and is one
 of the world’s most popular dogs. This active breed was first developed during the17th century
by crossing the old Spanish Pointer with a number of other breeds and breed types, including
scent hounds, tracking hounds, French Braques and the English Pointer. To create a lean, athletic,
intelligent and versatile all purpose hunting-pointing-retrieving dog. The term “to point” refers to
the stance a dog takes when it finds game and then strikes a rigid pose to indicate to its handler
that there is game ahead.
Being an athletic, active dog, the German Shorthaired Pointer needs plenty of space to roam plus
explore, and is best suited to a home environment with a large backyard. Owners must be prepared
to provide regular daily exercise.
They love swimming, playing fetch and make excellent jogging companions. The GSP is an even-
tempered protective watch dog without being aggressive. They are an intelligent breed, easily trained
and can be late to mature.
For these reasons breeders recommend that these dogs receive basic obedience training. GSP’S do
enjoy the mental stimulation of playing games and learning. Both you and your dog should enjoy
the benefits from these activities. They are a biddable breed that are as willing to please you. 
As with many breeds, lack of sufficient exercise and/or proper training can produce a GSP that appears
hyperactive or will have destructive tendencies.
Thus this breed is not a suitable pet for an inactive home or for inexperienced dog owners.
These agreeable dogs are excellent with children.
They will get along with most pets in the home, especially when raised together from an early age.
While the GSP has a gentle, loving nature, they can be easily excited and should be supervised around
young children to discourage jumping up.
The German Shorthaired Pointer has a short, dense coat which requires little maintenance other than
being brushed weekly with a firm brush, plus bathed when required.
They are hearty eaters. Breeders recommend a varied diet of dry food, fresh meat and dog bones.
A more active dog will require more food, do not allow them to become overweight.
The GSP is equally at home indoors or outdoors. They do shed some hair, but not as much as
long-haired breeds. As with all dogs the GSP must be housed with adequate fencing and shelter,
as they do feel the heat and the cold.
The G.S.P. Club of W.A. Inc.
The Secretary:-
The Canine Association of W.A. Inc.
The Office:- 9455-1188.
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These are to give you more assistance with your quest for knowledge on our beautiful breed.

Order them from your local Library, or hunt them up Online.


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18. An Account Of The Origins and History of the German Shorthaired Pointer,

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19. A Standard Guide To Pure Breed Dogs, by Harry Glover.


We are sure there are many more out there! but you will just need to do a little more

research for yourselves! "Good Hunting".






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