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Our Club has for many years run a German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Service.

This facet of our Club is available to all those out there who find themselves

in difficulties with their dogs. And find for some reason or other they can no

longer keep these dogs.

Our club gets many calls for assistance from people seeking a puppy or

preferably an older dog. We maintain a list of names and contacts from

those enquiries, and we are happy to help these persons out if we have

the appropriate animal to suit them available.

If you have any questions with regard to this service please contact our

Rescue Officer, Michelle Mathews on 043-4962-737.


Please remember this Rescue Service is not simply a "dumping ground" for

your unwanted "Pets". We offer genuine advice and help to all who

may be in need of it. And are happy to give advice on the many ways

available of trying to find "the right" new home for your animals.

We also expect honesty from those who wish to use our Service,

to place their dogs. Knowing exactly any virtues or vices they may have

will certainly save us time.




Anyone interested in Tracking Training?  

Contact "TRACK WEST"

Training is run regularly, from beginners on upwards.

Learn how well your dog's nose works! And have a great deal of fun at

the same time! "Shorthairs" just thrive on this activity and are often

called upon to go hunt up many members of the public who get lost

out there, especially small children!

All breeds of dogs are welcome.


Contact Club Member Judy Tsakalos on 9405-2790. She will be only

to happy to answer your questions and put you in touch with the

right people.





 GSPC of WA Calendar Of Events:-




Anyone out there interested in learning or participating in this facet

of canine activities?

All breeds of dog are welcome. Your dog does not neccesarily need

to be a registered pure breed.

Training and Races are run on a regular basis during the cooler months

of the year. Usually very early in the morning or very late at night. After

all, the dogs are going to pull a scooter, and you, and run to their hearts


The "West Australian Sledding Association" (WASSA) are a very enthusiastic

group of enthusiasts.

For more information contact Michelle Mathews, on 043-4962-737, she

will be only to happy to tell you what is involved.






















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